The Park // Settle

Boundaries of the II. site

The Industrial Park lies in the vicinity of national highway No. 8. at a distance of 1200 metres and 1500 metres from the town centre. On the East and North sides, the site extends to the flood barrier dams which provides protection from potential floods from the rivers Rába and Lapincs, and it is bordered by flood-prevention rampart. On the West it is delimited by highway No. 7459 connecting Szentgotthárd with Rábafüzes regarding the state cross-border and on the South by the railway line Graz-Szombathely.

Traffic, roads

Joining public highway:
The cca. 350,000 m2 vacant land is easy to access from the No. 7459 public highway that is from the Industrial Park opening - up road supplied with full technical infrastructure running by Local Authority. The possibility of supply of No. 8. Highway before modernization within 1,2 km and the closeness of the Austrian A2 Highway as well as the industrial railway line is given.

Distance between the Industrial Park and major cities:

Budapest Szentgotthárd 280 km
Vienna Szentgotthárd 162 km
Graz Szentgotthárd 82 km
Border Crossing Point Szentgotthárd 2 km
Ljubljana Szentgotthárd 240 km
Triest Szentgotthárd 360 km

Bus transport

Szentgotthárd is the centre of the bus lines in the region. The public transport requirements of the region, with its makeup of small villages, are fully met by the bus service. In addition, there are regular daily bus connection both to the county seat and to the capital city.


Szombathely (60 km)
Pápa (160 km)
Budapest (280 km)
Graz (60 km)


Szentgotthárd is situated along the Szentgotthárd-Graz railway line. Its railway station, equipped with a number of marshalling tracks, handles a considerable volume of passenger and freight traffic. There’s also a newly built industrial railway line, which also crosses the border, connecting up to the joint Szentgotthárd-Heiligenkreuz Industrial Park.

Industrial Railway Line

Szentgotthárd Railway Station is near the Industrial Park, within a distance of 2 km. The closeness of the rilway line makes the entire area to be supplied with industrial railway line possible. On the I. area the OPEL Hungary Powertrain LTD has established an industrial railway line. The industrial railway line supply concerning the II. building site has an all round valid and legally binding building permission. Industrial railway lines, the road and the loading space join directly the areas to be used.